People and Partners

 Partnerships & Subject Matter Expert Volunteers

Our organization is relatively young – in its third year of operation. We are proud that we have rapidly attracted informal and formal levels of partnership support from the following highly respected institutions and acclaimed subject matter expert volunteers:

Music Industry & Business Advisors

  • David Wiener (former owner of Aphex) – current CEO of Respect The Music Foundation; David Wiener Ventures; DWV Entertainment; 7 Tunnels
  • Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation – Jean Lachowicz & Ed Vigdor

Audio Engineering Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Cresci – Fundamental Sounds Recording & Production

Community Partners

  • Colorado Springs Conservatory – Amber Marek
  • Colorado Works/Workfare Work Experience – El Paso County
  • Frederick Children’s Chorus – Lee Fuhr
  • Frederick Community College: Audio Production – Dr. Jonathan Cresci
  • Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
  • North Bethesda Middle School Chorus – Jason McFeaters 
  • The Academy for the Fine Arts-Frederick County Public Schools – Jonathan Kurtz
  • University of Denver: Sturm College of Law – Community Economic Development Clinic

Organizational Partnerships

  • American University: School of International Service – Stephanie Fischer
  • Aspen Institute: Center for Native American Youth– Nikki Pitre
  • Eastern Carolina University: Global Partners in Education – Dr. Jami Leibowitz
  • George Mason University School of Law: Arts and Entertainment Advocacy Clinic –  Dr. Sandra Aistars
  • International Education for Peace Institute – Canada – Dr. H. B. Danesh
  • Native American Community Academy – Anpao Duta Flying Earth
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Bachelor of Innovation Program – Dr. Jenifer Robertson
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Music Program – Dr. Glen Whitehead
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs: Visual and Performing Arts Program
  • University of New Mexico: Organization, Information & Learning Sciences – Dr. Damien Sanchez 

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dr. Terry Anderson – Athabasca University (Canada), Centre of Distance Education
  • Berklee College of Music
  • Blue Mountain Tribe – NAMMY Award-Winning Rock and Blues Band
  • Wade Fernandez – NAMMY Award-Winning Musician and Producer
  • Antonio Garcia – Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Music
  • Dr. James Honeycutt – University of Texas at Dallas – Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting Program; LSU Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Glenn Hubbard – Eastern Carolina University, Communication Department
  • Dr. Laurence Kaptain – Dean of the College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver
  • Dr. Kelly Laurila – Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada), Social Work
  • Dr. Kate McCarthy – California State University – Chico, Comparative Religion Program
  • Dr. Jeff Nytch – University of Colorado Boulder, Entrepreneurship Center for Music
  • Gerry Pedraza – Texas A&M University, Senior Instructional Designer & Technology Specialist
  • Dr. Lauren Ronsse – Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts & Acoustics Program
  • Dr. Emily Joy Rothchild – University of Pennsylvania, Ethnomusicology Program
  • Teresa Valais – University of Maryland Baltimore County, Instructional Designer/Digital Learning
  • Danielle Williams – Music educator, composer, conductor, musician, international collaborator, and peace-maker

Scholarly Research Opportunities

Projects conducted by Global Z provide potential research opportunities that might advance a variety of related fields including musicology; peace studies; ethnomusicology; sociology; distance learning; instructional design; communities of practice; democratic principles; comparative religion; social learning; linguistics; computer-mediated communication; inter-cultural communication; music industry; digital audio production; acoustics; artist development; and cultural-historical activity theory. We welcome inquiries by academicians interested in exploring such opportunities and invite you to reach out to us via the  CONTACT US page.