Be Excellent To Each Other

I can’t help myself. Whenever I find myself in times that strain the character of human kind, I default to one profound statement – “Be excellent to each other.” Under stress, it can be a challenge. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this phrase, it was one of the take-away lessons teed up by the comedy classic, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” I know the movie is a bit hokey. It’s a totally goofy comedy, but man, they nailed it. Please honor our first responders, healthcare providers, and others who put themselves on the front-line as we cope with COVID-19. Stay home as much as possible. Let’s do our best to be respectful and kind. In a nutshell, please be excellent to each other.

Episode 11 – How To Host Music Lessons Virtually

There are times – such as these- when it might be extremely beneficial to be able to effectively host music lessons virtually. Having this capability expands opportunities to stay connected with current students, and extends your reach for your ability to work with other student musicians on a global scale. This episode explains the design processes involved and defines the technical stuff you need to have in place to do just that. For ‘Mic Talk Time,’ the CAD 2600GXL USB mic is taken for a spin.

From A To Global Z Episode 10 – It Takes a Village

It takes a village to make Global Z work. We can’t do what we do without the generous contribution of time, expertise, and resources – both human resources and financial. This Episode reviews several key partnerships established over the years and how vital they are to our mission. For Mic Talk Time, take a listen to the crazy cheap but respectable Monoprice 600020 dynamic microphone!

Episode 8 – Why Virtual Audio Production?

Explore why The Global Z Recording Project is designed to conduct its operations and record its audio production Projects all virtually. Discover why this cutting-edge approach to doing business creates opportunities that would not be available if conducted in a face-to-face format. Also, join us for another chapter of ‘Mic Talk Time.’