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Thank you for checking out our weekly vlogs, which provide behind-the-scenes in-depth views of Global Z’s past, present and future. We will also explore topics related to the mission and objectives of The Global Z Recording Project.

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Below are links to our weekly vlog and descriptions as to what you can discover by reviewing our regularly evolving content.

Episode 16 – The Essential Audio Production Setup
This episode is inspired by a grant application whose project would require Global Z to set up multiple sets of essential audio production equipment in numerous locations. We review the minimal gear you need to get started with producing quality audio recordings. For ‘Mic Talk Time,’ we explore the exceptionally cool Neat Worker Bee microphone.

Episode 15 – A Non-Native Understanding of ‘Music Is Medicine’
We once again turn to the literature to discover what Native Americans mean by, ‘Music Is Medicine.’ The concept is complex, diverse and deep.

Episode 14 – Want Peace? Make Music (Theoretically Speaking)
A timely reflection on a dozen scholarly studies that speak to how music making can be utilized to make peace and unify people of difference. ‘Mic Talk Time’ reviews the Audio-Technica ATM230, a hypercardioid dynamic mic designed for drums and instruments with low frequencies.

Episode 13 – Borrowing the Native American Sharing Circle
Episode 13 of From A To Global Z features the Native American Sharing Circle – a communication concept that has been practiced by North American Indigenous people for many years. It promotes honesty, social learning, civility, a willingness to hear a different point of view, builds a sense of community, and is an exercise in respect. While originally designed for face-to-face settings, we apply it toward our online collaboration, community-building learning environment. For ‘Mic Talk Time,’ we give a listen to a pair of Cascade M39 small condenser mics set up using a popular XY stereo technique.

Episode 12 – Stay Connected (Not Everyone Likes Webcams)
COVID has everyone scrambling to telework and stay socially connected through webcams. However, communicating with webcams is not as universally accepted as you might think. We explore some of the scholarly research behind this topic and discuss how, when, or if you should use webcams to stay connected. Mic Talk Time features the discontinued Audio-Technica AT2020 USB, a popular mic that has been replaced by its cousin, the AT2020+.

Episode 11 – How To Host Music Lessons Virtually
There are times – such as these – when it might be extremely beneficial to be able to effectively host music lessons virtually. Having this capability expands opportunities to stay connected with current students, and extends your reach for your ability to work with other student musicians on a global scale. This episode explains the design processes involved and defines the technical stuff you need to have in place to do just that. For ‘Mic Talk Time,’ the CAD 2600GXL USB mic is taken for a spin.

Episode 10 – It Takes a Village
It takes a village to make Global Z work. This Episode reviews several key partnerships established over the years and how they are vital to our mission. For Mic Talk Time, take a listen to the crazy cheap but respectable Monoprice 600020 dynamic microphone!

Episode 9- Phase ‘Em And Amaze ‘Em
Take an inside look at The Global Z Recording Project’s phased project approach to operating. For Mic Talk Time, Audio-Technica’s AT2020 USB classic is reviewed.

Episode 8 – Why Virtual Audio Production
Explore why The Global Z Recording Project is designed to conduct its operations and record its audio production Projects all virtually. Discover why this cutting-edge approach to doing business creates opportunities that would not be available if conducted in a face-to-face format. Also, join us for another chapter of ‘Mic Talk Time,’ and give a listen to the popular MXL 990.

Episode 7 – Affordable Audio Production Accessories
We pay respects to the unsung heroes of the audio production world – accessories!

Episode 6 – The Magical World of Cheap(ish) Mics
Affordable, high quality, unusual, and some flat out cheap great sounding XLR microphones! Some brands you probably have never heard of.

Episode 5 – Cash-Strapped Audio Production
We explore how to record audio on the cheap, free DAWs, and usb mics vs XLR mics.

Episode 4 – Audio Production Technology
This episode explores the CAD M139 microphone, then discusses the primary technology used by The Global Z Recording Project to record our virtual projects.

Episode 3 – Bridging the Technology Gap
A new format for our vlog begins by featuring a different microphone for each episode. This allows our viewers to hear a wide variety of microphone characteristics from a wide variety of microphones. This Episode, we record with TechZone Audio’s newly acclaimed Stellar X2. Next, a reflection of where and when The Global Z Recording Project got its start and why technology inserted a ten year gap to take it from concept to launch.

Episode 2 – Inspirations
Discover how the personal, professional, and educational experiences of Bill Lord morphed into the conceptualization and launch of The Global Z Recording Project.

Episode 1 – An Introduction
Discover how the personal, professional, and educational experiences of Bill Lord morphed into the conceptualization and launch of The Global Z Recording Project.