Mission Statement

The Global Z Recording Project seeks to serve and improve the socio-cultural good of mankind by embracing diversity, encouraging democratic practices, fostering dialogue, and promoting peace through out-of-the-box, educational, youth-oriented music-related projects.

The World Needs Organizations Like Global Z

The world is full of conflict and rife with culture clash. The daily media is filled with stories of destructive minds who are unwilling to accept culturally and philosophically diverse others. Being ‘different’ from these individuals can result in ostracism, abuse, assault, homicide and genocide.

The Global Z Recording Project team seeks to effect a positive holistic change by educating and mentoring exceptional young musicians from around the world in a safe virtual community of practice.

Music is the perfect vehicle for facilitating social change. When people are united in a musical project it creates familial bonds and forms a community of practice. By carefully designing a team-minded, dialoguing, equitable, virtual social environment, our young musicians explore their own cultures and philosophies while exploring the cultures, religions, practices and politics of others. The Global Z experience is designed by internationally recognized scholars and subject matter experts, which provides our participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to evolve into peace-minded, accepting, global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Areas of Focus

The Global Z Recording Project is focused on addressing goals pertaining to the fields of:

  • Peace Education & Development
  • Cultural Awareness
  • World Arts Education
  • Musical Artist Development
  • Recording Arts

What’s In a Name?

Why the ‘Z’ in Global Z? In algebra, the letter z can be an unknown and can  represent many things (numbers). As our mission reaches across numerous cultural, political, gender, racial, religious, philosophical, and geospatial boundaries, our project will undoubtedly face a number of ‘unknowns.’

In audio terminology, ‘Z’ represents impedance, or a level of resistance. Similar to the analogy provided using algebraic terms, as we deal with international, intercultural, multilingual projects around the globe, we will face resistance from a variety of sources.

Whether the reference to Z be unknowns or impedance, both forms of Z hold the potential to provide for interesting, educational, and exciting intercultural exploration and music-making opportunities!